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Feb 27/ 2020: Playpal partner's up with Emotiv to take brain health & sleep analysis to the next stage     February, 2020: Playpal receives the Global Excellence Award, 2020 (Acquisitions International)    Nov 7/2019: Playpal partners with BrainBit to add one more layer (EEG) to its Algorithm!    Oct 27/2019: Playpal CEO at Forbes 30 under 30 Summit    Oct 24/2019: Playpal partners up with Neurametrix for R&D Use Cases on Alzheimers and Parkinsons   Oct 7/2019: Playpal CEO Amongst Aspioneer's 10 Influential Women Leaders in 2019    June 19/2019: Playpal makes it to Forbes Top 50 Women-lead Startups disrupting health-tech   Aug 10 & Sep 8: Our Keeko & Bonbon Games launch on Google Play and Apple Store!


Ever thought you could earn real-life rewards just by living healthy? With Playpal, you can have it all! Playpal is a digital web and mobile platform on a mission to create an all-encompassing gamified health ecosystem that 1) integrates with any and all health IOT devices, sensors, and apps (including games!), 2) offers a customized health profile and AI-driven predictive analyses, and 3) incentivizes you with real-world rewards via a health digital currency.

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Gamified Health & Rewards

Our Platform gives users an advanced health profile and preventative health analyses by tracking their physical and cognitive data from various third party integrations. We combine this analyses with our patented Health Score to guide users towards better health and to incentivise them with real-world rewards via a digital health-currency, issued to us by our health partner called the HIECOH Wealth Foundation. Through this partnership, Playpal can now use the Foundation’s health token as its own tangible “Health Currency”.


Consolidated Health Data via Third Party Integrations

Consolidate your health data in one place by integrating your IoT devices, mHealth apps, and health knowledge bases with our platform

Predictive and Preventative Analyses

Receive tailored predictive health analysis based on your health profile via our advanced AI Engine. The more third party integrations you have, the more accurate the analysis will be!

Health Token Rewards

Get rewarded with health tokens just by following our health recommendations. Health tokens are embedded on the HIECOH Wealth blockchain

Health Profiling & Our HIECOH Health Score

Manage your health better with our HIECOH Score and advanced Health Profiling System. To learn more about this feature, click here!

Playpal Wallet & E- Store

Store your earned health tokens in your Playpal wallet or purchase health-products on our E-Store

Playpal Community & Leaderboards

Create, or participate in, community challenges to win additional health tokens! Compare your performance with your friends’ and the Playpal community via our leaderboards

Health Tracking via Our Health Capital Curve

Tracking your health becomes easier with our health curve. Our health capital curve plots your HIECOH score to illustrate and compare your health progress over time. Healthy habits pull the curve up, while unhealthy ones push it down.


Your health data is secured on our health blockchain that complies with HIPAA & GDPR standards. We use a combination of SSL encryption, online checks, hashed PHIs and strong in-house administrative policies for technical security. All financial activities pertaining to the health token are carried out and recorded on the HIECOH Wealth blockchain, ensuring verifiable and legitimate of transactions.





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