Almost 5 years ago, we collaborated with John Hopkins University and Aetna on a research study called “Innovation for Humanity”, which focused on gamified health and obesity.

The results from this study formed the inspiration behind our Keeko Health Game, which we successfully piloted with United Way and the City of Parker. The positive response from this first Pilot encouraged us to work towards impacting people’s health on a larger scale. And so, Playpal was born.


Playpal was incubated to make consolidated health data & AI processed knowledge a reality, with the added monetary incentive of health tokens.

In 2017, we integrated our Proof of Concept with Fitbit, Google Fit, Samsung Health, MyFitess Pal, and Apple Health, launched (and integrated with) our proprietary health games, and developed our community leaderboards and health indices, making gamified health a reality.

Current Integrations & Partnerships

As we work towards building in-house APIs/SDKs that will enable any and all third party integrations, we are pursuing an aggressive research-partnership and integration strategy with various niche health-tech companies and universities in order to deepen and validate our algorithm. So far, we have successfully synced with Healbe’s automated calorie band, Bagel Labs’ smart tape, Brainbit’s EEG monitor, and the Fitbit Series.

While we have achieved great milestones in a short period of time, we are not stopping here.There is so much more that we have planned for our users. So stay tuned!