PlayPal is a product and information agnostic health platform that takes advantage of AI, ML and blockchain technology to the correlate and consolidate health data to give individuals the ultimate knowledge about their health.

Playpal offers a unique Smart Health ecosystem that not only, integrates seamlessly with Health wearables, mHealth Apps, medical devices and health databases to provide a confluence of health knowledge, but also builds individual's health capital in the form of tangible commodities and fiscal incentives for healthier living.

Health Capital

Playpal is the first platform built on the blockchain and powered by AI that lets people capitalize on the commodity of "good health." The central proposition of the model is that health can be viewed as a durable capital stock that produces an output of healthy time, which then translates into a digital asset with real-word value known as PlayCoins.Developed to encourage and incentivize people to invest in themselves and their initial stock of health that depreciates with age, Playpal’s framework gives people full control over how they manage, utilize and capitalize on their health to continue to build their health capital and profit from it.


Play Platform

Play Platform is a next-generation platform, where users have full control over their health data


PlayCoins are a new digital asset unique to the PlayPal ecosystem, which will be used to transfer value between users


Play Games creates the ultimate fusion of arts and technology to stimulate visual and cognitive experiences


PlayPal is the intersection of Smart Health Systems and secure blockchain technology, and a next-generation lifestyle tool for people to socially manage and understand more about their health. PlayPal is the only ecosystem of incentivized healthcare that allows users to set goals and increasingly self-manage their health through:
  • Powered by AI & Ml
  • User Controlled Access to data
  • Remote health monitoring systems
  • PlayCoins Digital Asset for Incentification
  • A single-point dashboard for ease of access
  • Integration with Third- party Wearables, Apps and Platforms
  • A Comprehensive, consolidated picture of your health through
    real-time data streaming from all connected devices, apps and databases

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