Into the Future of Cryptocurrency: What’s Here and What’s More to Come?

Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies have come a long way since the first bitcoin was out in the market. But during the time of 10 years since it came into existence, the big question among the masses still remains the same: what exactly this cryptocurrency can be used for and what the future holds for this new form of money.

Let’s See Where We Are Now?

The major misconception about cryptocurrency is that you can only understand it if you are a geek. The majority still believe that it can replace fiat money. Though bitcoins may not be used for day to day transactions but the number of goods and services that can be bought with cryptocurrency is increasing day by day. However, a major issue is that the regulators are realizing that cryptocurrency cannot be regulated like the existing monetary system mainly due to its decentralized structure.

What’s Happening Next?

Cryptocurrency has impacted almost all sectors and its impact continues to grow with more advancements coming on the way.


Playpal’s as a Complete Package: AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Playpal blends in all future components of technology together with the classic aim of fulfilling all health needs of an individual. With its AI powered model, Playpal has successfully created a platform to consolidate all health data of an individual across multiple platforms to create a more meaningful picture of the user’s health and offer tailored health recommendations by using this data.

Playpal is the future of health and digital health currency. Together with blockchain and cryptocurrency, Playpal creates a complete ecosystem of health linked with multiple health apps and IoT devices along with tokenization through their PlayCoins to offer much more and be more than just another mHealth app.