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3 Ways to Boost Up Your Health Score

  • Posted: 1 year ago

Health is wealth! 


We’ve been hearing this since we were children. With time, we start to realize just how true this is. Health is probably the most important asset that we forget to account for when we assess our equity. There is a good reason for this too. Like all intangible assets, health is very difficult to quantify it and is highly dependent on perception, context, and subjective experience.


This intangibility of health has been a major reason behind why institutions like insurance companies have struggled with making appropriate and accurate health assessments. Just as the FICO (short for Fair Isaac Corporation) score assesses an individual’s financial soundness - a similar score is needed for assessing one's health. This would enable insurance companies, for instance, to design health compensation packages and service offerings against a holistic, verifiable, and objective standard.


With the healthcare industry embracing technological advancements and with the rise in mHealth apps, quantifying health is now possible. Playpal is one such health-tech company which has built up its “Health Capital Model” on the back of Grossman’s Human Capital Model. 


Playpal is a Smart Health Analyst on a mission to create an all-encompassing ecosystem of health by consolidating data from health IoT devices, apps, knowledge bases & stakeholders. Based on this information, Playpal makes health recommendations to its users and for adherence to these recommendations, it gives financial rewards to its users in the form of a health cryptocurrency issued by its health partner, the HIECOH Wealth Foundation. In addition to this, Playpal also quantifies each user’s health via its very own  health score (called the HIECOH Score) so as to better assess any improvement or decline in an individuals health function H(t).


With every action that the user takes to improve his/her health, the HIECOH score continues to increase. Not only does this score offer a tangible proof of users’ health, but it also increases their eligibility to claim more health tokens. This health score can be boosted further in three simple ways. Let’s take a look: 


1) Maintain a Healthy Diet


You are what you eat. Whatever you put in your body affects your health directly. Getting your daily dose of the right nutrients is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is the easiest way to improve your HIECOH score. Playpal helps create a healthy diet plan for you and ensures that you stick to it. Everyone knows that eating healthy doesn’t do wonders overnight; persistence is necessary to reap rewards in the form of, both, good health and health tokens.  


2) Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine


After getting your diet right, the next step is to make yourself active by making daily activity a part of your routine. This could be as simple as going out for a walk, or figuring out ways to be more active at work or home. You don’t have to sweat yourself in the gym every day; gymming isn't for everyone.  Taking the stairs instead of an elevator, or getting involved in some sports, is a good way to give your body the physical workout it needs. Small actions toward better health add up overtime, and contribute in increasing your health score.


3) Get Enough Sleep


Your body is essentially a machine that  requires rest in order to get recharged. When you sleep, your body not only relaxes but also heals itself. Getting adequate sleep is vital for your body, mind, hormonal, and metabolic function. As these aspects of your physiology get recharged and improve your overall health, so does your health score.



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