5 Tips for a Healthier and Happier Life

  • Posted: 5 months ago

Most of us make resolutions to lose weight, to travel more, or read more, but only a handful of us focus on the many dimensions that improve our wellness.  The reality is that good health and well-being are inextricably tied to one another, so here are 5 simple things that you can add to your 2020 resolution to achieve a happier and healthier life: 


1) Eat Well 

Let’s admit it, we all have a guilty pleasure when it comes to food (whether it’s chocolate, soda, icecream, or chips). While there is no harm in giving in once in a while, many of us struggle with   maintaining good habits; the two tips below may make it easier for you adopt a healthier diet:


  • Avoid Trans-fat: Research cited by Consumer Reports shows that eating foods that contain trans-fat can make you feel depressed. Trans-fats are used in many processed foods, so be sure to read all food labels before making a purchase. Note that, since the term ‘trans-fat’ has gained a negative reputation, many food giants are now using its synonym (i.e. “hydrogenated”) in their packaging to mislead consumers. So, in lieu of processed foods, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid using any baking mixes, as almost all contain trans-fat.
  • Eat  More Superfoods: Vitamin-packed superfoods are perfect additions to one's diet and are easily accessible. These foods not only give you more energy, but many of them may also combat stress. Once a week, try a new recipe using a superfood, such as salmon, kale, mushrooms, broccoli, avocados, beans, walnuts, and whole grains.


2) Sleep Well

To lead a healthy life, it is important for your mind to be well rested and relaxed, so make sure that your new year's resolution includes sleep goals:


  • The Magic 7

Sleep maintains the biological balance of your body; when you sleep, the body repairs itself, so it is no surprise that getting adequate sleep will enable you to do your best work and help you handle daily challenges. According to a study reported in the Harvard Business Review, the magic number of sleep hours needed per night is 7 for most adults. 

  • Unwind for at Least an Hour Before Bedtime

Two of the most common mistakes that people make right before going to bed is 1) using their phone (whether its for work or for social media) and 2) squeezing in a workout; these people struggle the most when it comes to actually falling asleep. Both habits make the mind more alert, so it is best to avoid engaging in them right before going to bed. 


3) Be More Social

Everyone needs ‘me-time’, but completely isolating yourself is an extreme measure that is known to adversely impact one's mental health. This is even more common during the winters, when we prefer to stay in the comfort of our warm homes. So, make an active effort to book out at least a day / week for friends and family. Go sledding or have a nice and cozy family game night indoors; it doesn’t really matter what activity you do, as long as you are surrounding yourself with close friends and family every now and then.


4) Get Some Sun

Many people have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter due to lack of sunshine.  To avoid getting depressed during this season, make a goal for getting at least 15 minutes of fresh air every day, and an hour or two of outdoor time during the warmer months. The sun helps your body produce vitamin D, which many people have a deficiency of.


Final Word:   


If you’re trying to lead a fulfilled life, start with making small changes in your daily routine. New year's resolutions are the best way to motivate yourself to take the coming year into your own hands, but make sure your resolutions follow the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) rule. If your new year goals are more health-focused, try using technology to your advantage by downloading the most relevant mHealth / fitness apps that can monitor your daily activity and offer recommendations & encouragement to stick to predefined health goals. There are many apps and health wearables out in the market today, but the most tried and tested ones are Fitbit wearables, Strava, SWEAT with Kayla, Fabulous App, and so on. Many new and cutting edge platforms are also making an impact in the digital health space, such as Playpal, Dacadoo, Gyroscope, that you should also consider!


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