Detox Diet & Drinks – Health Myths and Benefits

  • Posted: 1 year ago

Detox Diet & Drinks – Health Myths and Benefits 


Dietary trends continue to adapt to today's highly consumerist world, with detox drinks taking the lead. The idea that you can wash away the toxins from your fast-food indulgence and lose weight just by consuming a drink seems like the perfect one-time antidote for anyone living in the 21st Century. In fact, your local pharmacy probably has an ever-growing section of products promising a newer, purer you: supplements, homeopathy, ear candles, and an entire aisle of “detox kits” all promise to suck toxins out of your body. The approaches may differ but all the advocates are completely convinced of one fact: Detoxing will deliver a renewed body and better health. However, there is very little evidence that these types of drinks and regimes have any detoxification effects.



Myth 1: Detox Drinks Remove Toxins from the Body

An article in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics notes that some studies show that commercially available detox diets may improve the way a person's liver removes toxins from their body. However, the article also highlights that these studies had flawed methodologies and small sample sizes. Interestingly enough,  Detox kits and treatments never name the toxins that they remove, because they’ve never really shown to remove toxins. If you look at the packaging carefully, the product descriptions are mostly vague and universal; toxins are alluded to — but not named. It sounds somewhat plausible but is non-specific.


Myth 2: Detox Diets & Drinks help with Weight-Loss  

A study in the journal Current Gastroenterology Reports found that a detox diet may help a person lose weight, but only because the diet is low in calories. This means that any low-calorie diet - such as the Keto Diet or the Banana & Milk Diet - will have the same outcome, making value-add of detox diets marginal. Additionally, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) points out that calorie-restrictive diets like detox diets end up causing problems with a person's weight in the mid-to-long term and prevent people from getting the nutrition they require to keep their body healthy.

Myth 3: Detox Drinks & Diets Balance your pH Levels

Alkalizing foods and drinks are a popular dietary trend at the moment. They are said to promote a more alkaline environment in the body and is thought to promote better health.

However, this theory isn't supported by science, since it is impossible to alter the pH of your blood or cells through the foods you eat or drinks you consume. 


Detox Drinks v Healthful Drinks: The Benefits 

There is little scientific evidence to support claims that detox drinks can help remove toxins from the body. In fact, companies and individuals claiming these detox cures have, according to the Shaw Academy and any dictionary out there,  "latched onto a real, clinical term reserved for chronic substance abuse sufferers that actually do need to detoxify from their addiction". So, in that case, the more appropriate term would be a healthful diet or a healthful drink given that it contains plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, which is known to promote the natural detoxification system in the body.


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