HIECOH Score – An Awesome Way to Earn Rewards by Investing in Your Health

  • Posted: 2 years ago

The health of an individual, a collective community, a flourishing nation, and the world itself, is the most precious asset essential for each of these entities' progress and prosperity. Healthy individuals live a happy life, are more productive, and contribute more to their families and societies. It is safe to say that health is one of the most valuable asset of an individual. 


Changing Healthcare Landscape


There is a major shift in the healthcare industry in recent years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are major contributors to the changing outlook of the modern health care industry.  These technological aspects have great potential in the healthcare landscape and this has been one of the top reasons for increase in the mHealth trends giving rise to an upsurge in eHealth and mHealth applications.


People are now using these apps more to take control of their health and focus more on the preventive side of healthcare. The focus has shifted from a disease model to a health model where the goal is achieving a better quality of life. More than 70% of the population in the US is using some mHealth app daily to monitor their health and fitness.


The HIECOH Score


Traditional health care system is not only expensive and burdensome for the individual but also for the nation’s economy. This is where Playpal steps in to assist individuals and governments, insurance providers and authorities that are interested in keeping their members/citizens healthy to keep a check on ballooning healthcare costs. The actions taken by the individual to improve their health are irrevocably recorded on Playpal’s health blockchain as a quantifiable value called the HIECOH score. This score is encompassed within Playpal’s Health Capital Model. Playpal’s health partner, The HIECOH Wealth Foundation, adds value to this score by embodying the monetary dimension of the Health Capital Model via its health cryptocurrency. The Foundation issues these health-tokens to Playpal and, in return, Playpal uses them to reward its users for healthy actions taken.


How does the HIECOH Score Work?


HIECOH Score can be taken as FICO Score for the health domain. It has been designed by Playpal, which drew inspiration from the FICO credit score to create a measurable aspect for health. Just as a FICO score represents a consumer’s soundness in terms of financial, a HIECOH Score provides a similar reading from health’s perspective. The HIECOH Score issued provides the user a credible evidence of his/her health efforts in the form of a quantifiable asset.


Just as the FICO credit rating incentivizes individuals towards financial responsibility and provides a convenient mechanism for the industry to determine the credit worthiness of the individual, ‘ HIECOH Score’ will incentivize individuals to invest time, effort and finances into improving their health capital and will be used to determine the health capital of the individual. 


HIECOH Score can help various stakeholders, i.e. entities like employers, insurance companies, governments, parents or other parties with emotional or financial interest in the individual’s health create incentives to reward the individual based on this evidence. Through HIECOH Score, these institutions get a quantifiable value of health which makes it easier for them to track the health of their consumer and offer their products in a more personalised manner. For insurance companies, HIECOH Score can do wonders to provide a clear picture of consumer’s health before they devise an insurance plan for any consumer.



Get Real World Rewards with the new Health Currency


Thanks to Playpal’s partnership with the HIECOH Wealth Foundation, Playpal is now powered by a dual incentivization model that prompts healthy actions through the intrinsic motivation of gamified health and extrinsic reward of monetary benefits (i.e. health tokens). These tokens can be used to purchase a range of health products on Playpal’s estore, or can be redeemed for other rewards!

Based On Sound & Credible Models


The HIECOH Score and Health Coin mechanism stems from Playpal’s Health Capital Model  which is based on valid and proven mathematical and economic theories. According to these well-established economic theories, investments in human capital and knowledge raise productivity. It is in the best interest of the general economy (market) as well as the individual to make such investments.


Bring It All Together


In the changing health industry, health is critically dependent on “health knowledge”. Thanks to Playpal it is possible now to create a real time Health Capital Model that is practical and convenient. Once health capital is established as the primary goal, it is easy to see that expensive, and mostly painful biomedical interventions are not the only means to achieve it. However, it does place the responsibility directly on the individual to set personal goals and to manage them continuously. This is where Playpal Inc. assists in the whole model and can prove to be a key to health by consolidating information collected by various heath applications. 



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