mHealth Apps and Weight Management – A Revolutionary Way to Manage Obesity

  • Posted: 1 year ago

There is an app for pretty much everything - from food delivery and ride-sharing services to health-management & fitness platforms, of which the latter is trending. Many of us have the sole goal of achieving our target weight: while some apps are more effective than others, there are many noteworthy digital & free-of-cost options for weight loss and weight management. Thanks to this era of Knowledge & Information Sharing, health-tech has made weight-loss as easy as sticking to the right diet and self-monitoring the results - no need for elaborate nutritionists, personal trainers, or yo-yo diets! It’s now all at the tip of your fingers.


Thanks to this ease of access, mHealth apps have several use-cases; for instance, research corroborates the fact that many such apps have helped low-income obese individuals stay within their BMI, without having to spend a dime! This is a significant development in the digital health market, seeing how an epidemic as rampant as obesity can now be more readily and easily managed than ever before.  The best part is, fitness and health applications not only track calorie intake and consumption patterns, but also gather data on implicit habits & lifestyle choices that may indirectly affect, or relate to, these patterns. 


If you are trying to shed some pounds or maintain a standard of physical health & fitness (whether via an app or on your own), a major setback you may face is demotivation due to the rigidity pre-defined diet/exercise plans. This is the main challenge that mHealth apps face, and it explains why user-retention is so low. Recently, a growing number of mHealth apps have started going the extra mile by offering unique incentives that engage their users and keep them dedicated to achieving their desired results. For example, apps like Playpal now offering financial rewards, quantified health, SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based) goals, and support forums in order to motivate users to achieve better health.


It is evident that Playpal perfectly blends all the major ingredients - i.e. 1) user-engagement, 2) gamification, 3) rewards-mechanisms, 4) data consolidation, and 5) smart analysis (AI) - to deliver an all-encompassing ecosystem of health. The revolutionary Playpal app takes into account all inputs (nutrition, family history, allergens, immunizations, & genomics) and integrates with any and all mHealth apps, IoT devices, and health knowledge basis to offer customized and smart health recommendations to its users. The major attraction of this platform is the financial rewards that it offers its users in the form of a health cryptocurrency, issued by its health Partner, the HIECOH Wealth Foundation. To earn these health token, all you have to do is stick to its AI-driven recommendations & adopt healthier habits! You can even use these tokens to compete in challenges with your friends, families, and strangers on Playpal’s community leaderboard. By adopting such a gamified health model, this platform is able to achieve a sustainable health-centric ecosystem that induces a healthy lifestyle in its users. 




mHealth apps, particularly the weight loss apps, have entirely changed the way we manage our weight. Not everyone can afford an expensive gym or a trainer, and the best part is that such apps are easy to use!  Never has digital health market seen such an abundance in weight-loss, fitness, and health management apps - so take control of your health today and explore all the options out there!



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