Take a Step Forward Towards a Healthier Life with Playpal & Fitbit

  • Posted: 2 years ago

Do you want to be more proactive with your health? Can’t stick to the rigorous diet plans or fitness apps? Need an incentive to go the extra mile? Playpal has exactly what you need! Staying healthy doesn’t need to be boring anymore. We are here to do all the homework and  provide you with your very own unique private health key.


We understand that physical fitness is merely a component of health; there are so many other aspects of your physiology (e.g. genetic, digestive, mental, nervous, pediatric) that impact your health and influence the way you deal with your physical and mental well-being. Our one-of-a-kind Playpal App takes all such variables (and much more!) into account when evaluating your health needs, but focusing on physical fitness is the most basic and measurable first step for effective and tailored health analyses.


That’s why we are excited to announce a brand-new integration with one of the leading brands in the world of fitness and health: Fitbit!

Playpal has successfully integrated with all the Fitbit Series in our Proof of Concept. This milestone has enabled us to take our technology a step further by developing internal integration protocols that enable you to integrate any and all mHealth apps (such as MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Apple Health) and IoT devices (such as ECG Monitors, Smart Watches, EEG bands) with our App. By doing this, we offer you a central repository - a one-stop-location - of consolidated and exclusive information about your health that you may not have known about otherwise!


Why Are We Integrating with Fitbit?


As a part of physical fitness, it is important to set a goal and be able to track it. Integrating with the Fitbit series has not only enabled us to do this, but has validated our mission to help you make sense of all the information you are getting from the multiple mHealth apps you’ve downloaded on your phones and the various Smart Wearables that you undoubtedly own! For instance, with our Playpal app, you can now get real-time analysis of what your Fitbit step count & sleep cycle data really means in the context of your physical environment, ethnicity, allergies, and family history; you also have the chance to improve/enhance the current state of your health by following our recommendations, customized specifically for you. The more integrations you make with our app, the more tailored the analyses and recommendations will be. The Fitbit integration was simply the first step toward this goal! The best part is, we reward you for consistent adherence to our recommendations with health crypto-tokens that are issued to us by our exclusive health partner, the HIECOH Wealth Foundation! 

With the successful integration of Fitbit, Playpal is making strides in Global Partnerships and our internal integration protocol, putting us on track to turning our dream of consolidating health data and incentivizing users to stay healthy into reality. 


So, stay tuned, there is so much more to come with our App’s launch just around the corner!


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