Powered by blockchain and AI, Playpal offers a simple solution to the biggest issue faced by the healthcare industry today, i.e. the consolidation of large volumes of fragmented health data. We are currently developing in-house integration protocols across all health verticals - may it be apps, devices, databases, or even games! - in order to make our dream of becoming the one-stop-shop for health a reality. Through such data consolidation, Playpal processes these inputs via its AI Engine and offers real-time, customized health recommendations that help you manage your health proactively. That’s not all! Users get rewarded with real-life rewards called health tokens just for consistently adhering to these recommendations. So, get ready to earn money while living healthy!


We aim to become the world’s smartest health analyst and health repository. Our vision is to create an incentive-based system that will encourage individuals to improve their health proactively via our AI Engine


We are not just another health app. We are all about building new realities, with a mission to make staying healthy fun, easy, informative, and rewarding. Our goal is to establish a specific and quantifiable value to every person's health management through incentivization