WoW Woman in Health Tech | Eesha Sheikh, founder and CEO of Playpal

Eesha Sheikh, the Founder and CEO of Playpal, was recently featured in an insightful interview in WoW Women. She shared the idea behind her company along with her achievements so far. 

Eesha is a medicinal chemist by education and an entrepreneur and a visionary by profession. She is driven to create a change in the world for the better. With a vision to make her mark in digital healthcare, she is bringing her idea of creating a consolidated digital platform for global health and fitness to reality. 

Channeling her scientific training and passion to revolutionize health through technology, she is in the process of launching the world’s first platform marketplace for health with the name of Playpal Inc. while sharing the idea behind her company, Eesha shared her own life story with us. She discussed about the struggle of fighting childhood obesity and how she was offered incentives by her father if she lost weight. This brought the idea of creating an AI powered digital health platform to life, giving birth to Playpal.

While talking about the challenges she had to face being a female entrepreneur, she discussed how important it is for more and more women to believe in themselves and just focus on their goal to excel. She shared her secret of success. According to her, Consistency. Persistence and one’s belief in themselves are the key to be successful in not only the tech word but in any matter of life.