Playpal Successfully Tests Revolutionary New AI-Powered Health Platform

Playpal Completes PoC Delivering Proactive Health Insights to Users and Communities in an Effort to Improve, Quantify and Incentivize Health – Based on the Human “Health Capital” Model.

Playpal, the AI based health tech platform, successfully launched its proof of Concept (PoC) of its revolutionary digital health platform. It was released on both iOS and web versions.  

The Playpal platform collects and consolidates data from various health apps that you use to keep track of your health and create a more meaningful picture of your health stats to facilitate you in taking the right measures to achieve better health. Playpal uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and gamification of health to provide customized health recommendations to help individuals manage their health in the most convenient way possible. It motivates individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering monetary rewards to its users.