Playpal among Forbes' 53 Women-Led Startups Disrupting HealthTech

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If we’re going to solve the biggest health challenges facing this world, then investors must fund diverse founders. Because as you read this, innovations that could be literally saving lives are being left underfunded. Here is a list of 50+ women-led startups disrupting healthtech.

  1. AblaCare develops an innovative solution for PCOS related infertility by restoring ovulation. Cofounders: Anne Osdoit and Marion Gasperment

  2. Ada Health helps people actively manage their health and supports health professionals by combining collective medical knowledge with intelligent technology. Cofounder: Claire Novorol

  3. Adia is a health platform, combining medical, emotional and social support in order to help women as they navigate the various life stages of their reproductive health. Cofounders: Lina Chan and Rose Acton

  4. Aergo is a posture support system that empowers wheelchair users. Its network of air cells are designed to adjust automatically when users move, providing greater comfort and independence. Founder: Sheana Yu

  5. Aparito is a digital health platform that provides wearable devices and disease-specific mobile apps to provide remote patient monitoring outside of the hospital environment. Founder: Dr. Elin Haf Davies

  6. Aavia has created a smart case and app that learns and improves users’ birth control pill habits to help ensure it’s taken on time, every time. Founders: Aagya Mathur and Aya Suzuki

  7. Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that calculates users’ fertility status, and displays the results either as a red (you are fertile / possible fertile) or green (you are not fertile) light. Founder: Natalie Rechberg

  8. Boost Thyroid Thyroid conditions affect millions of people and they're difficult to diagnose early on. By tracking symptoms through Boost Thyroid’s app, users will see how their symptoms trend over time, have an updated record of their bloodwork, and have access to the latest scientific research on thyroid disease. Cofounder: Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor 

  9. Lora DiCarlo is determined to change the face of pleasure products. Proudly sex-positive, their goal is to create products and educational resources that promote female and LGBTQ+ sexual empowerment.Founder: Lora Haddock

  10. Lunaphore develops automated solutions, performing immunohistochemistry, based on a unique microfluidic technology. Cofounder: Déborah Heintze

  11. Magnusmode develops apps that help adults living with autism become independent in their daily life by guiding them through tasks like shopping and cleaning. Founder: Nadia Hamilton

  12. Mahmee a prenatal and postpartum care management platform, connects families to healthcare providers and offers personalized support. Cofounder: Melissa Hanna

  13. Neurotrack uses clinically proven science to help users assess and improve memory over time. Cofounder: Elli Kaplan

  14. NextGen Jane’s smart tampon will help streamline healthcare by creating more of a one-stop-shop for women's and reproductive health. The company will mail out a test kit with a special tampon for the user to return after use. The cells shed during menstruation will be analyzed for disease detection, as its system is able to preserve the DNA and RNA of the cells from the endometrium, cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. Cofounder: Ridhi Tariyal

  15. Niramai a healthtech startup using AI and machine learning to detect early stage breast cancer. Cofounder: Geetha Manjunath

  16. No Isolation reduces involuntary loneliness and social isolation by developing communication tools that help those affected, initially helping sick children stay connected to their peers at school. Founder: Karen Dolva

  17. Nopneu a biotech startup developing a low-cost diagnostic test for pneumonia. Founder: Temiloluwa Adeniyi

  18. Nuritas uses AI, machine learning, and DNA analysis to rapidly predict, and then provide access to, potentially beneficial components hidden within food (peptides). The results could lead to the discovery of new food components to help prevent, manage and even cure deadly diseases. Founder: Dr Nora Khaldi

  19. Playpal helps prevent health depreciation through AI and machine learning, offering individualized recommendations for better health. Powered by a dual incentivization model that prompts healthy actions through the intrinsic motivation of gamified health and extrinsic rewards. Founder: Eesha Sheikh

  20. Rosy is a women’s health company created to connect women who have decreased sexual desire with evidence-based resources to improve libido. Founder: Dr. Lyndsey Harper

  21. Syrona Women is a test comparable in size and appearance to a pregnancy test that can be used to identify STDs, endometriosis, and cervical cancers. Current detection methods for these conditions are invasive, expensive, and infrequent. Syrona allows people to be diagnosed quicker, referring them to doctors as needed. Founders: Anya Roy and Chantelle Bell

  22. Untire an app that provides cancer patients and survivors with the tools to cope with extreme fatigue. Founder: Door Vonk

  23. TruDiary built a blockchain-based interactive personal health record in an effort to help reduce misdiagnosis for women at large. Founder: Veronica Berry

  24. Univfy enables fertility doctors to provide accurate, personalized IVF treatment success prediction to help more women qualify for special pricing plans such as refund programs. Cofounder: Mylene Yao

  25. Wildflower Health delivers mobile health programs that help healthcare payers better connect with and support families, impacting both short-term decisions and longer-term behaviors that together bend the cost curve in healthcare. Founder: Leah Sparks