Playpal and Healthy Lifestyle with Keeko


Eesha Sheikh, CEO of Playpal Inc. and Co- Founder of Keeko, shares her journey and the concept behind health based game, Keeko with the innovation news in this article. 

As a child, Eesha has fought with childhood obesity and have faced the humiliation that comes along with it. She shares her journey as how this bullying and harassment led her to create a game that helps kids and adults to improve their life for the better.  

Being a medicinal chemist by education and an entrepreneur at heart, she has founded her own company -- Playpal -- that aims to combine gaming with good health and exercise to help youngsters and anyone overcome or avoid obesity. 

Sheikh is focused to use the ever increasing trend of gaming to bring something more productive for today’s youth and game players of all ages. She intends on making a platform that will motivate it users to perform more physical activities and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Graduating from Bryn Mawr College with a Master’s degree in medicinal chemistry, Sheikh’s research into obesity jump started a desire to take action.

To view a video of Eesha Sheikh’s story, click here.