Patent 2:
'Hico Score' - A System For Calculating Health Capital Score

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Patent 3:
'User Behaviour' - A System Designed To Change User Behaviour for Healthier Living

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Patent 4:
'Natural Processing Language' - A System For Using NLP To Generate Structured Data Form Research Publications Database For Purpose of Improving Health Capital

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Patent 5:
'Trustworthiness of Playcoin' - A System For Issuing Trustworthy Rewards Based On Efforts To Improve Health Capital

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Playpal has successfully signed an MoU with Heartin in July 2019 and will be running its POC in collaboration with the aforementioned company. Heartin is in the business of providing Wearable ECG monitor with an automated stress/fatigue level determination and AI-based arrhythmia diagnostics.

Playpal extends the warmest of welcomes to Mark Pomeroy, Stephen Pearse and Jameel Barkat to its Board of Advisors!

Stephen Pearse
Former Executive Vice
President at Bay Networks

Mark Pomeroy
Former Vice President R&D
at Johnson & Johnson

Jameel Barkat
Managing Partner at

★  Playpal’s CEO Eesha Sheikh Awarded the “Top 50 Tech Visionaries”  ★
at InterCon, Las Vegas, 2019