We’ve built a substantial amount of momentum on the R&D front with an array of exciting new developments at Playpal!


A new patent for AI and Machine Learning has been filed by Playpal under the title: “A System for Improving Health Capital Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Method and Apparatus.”
The patent focuses on how the platform uses these two technologies to empower and incentivize individuals for goal-setting and long-term lifestyle adjustments. Digging in, our platform will incentivize individuals by using and providing authentic health knowledge through recommendations for better nutrition. In addition, the platform will use utilize genomics and pharmaceuticals knowledge by processing copious amounts of information that is readily available, yet difficult to process due to its sheer volume. Our innovation puts this vast amount of human health knowledge at the fingertips of the individual in a user-friendly manner, while suggesting and assisting each individual in developing plans for improved health capital using artificial intelligence.


The comprehensive proof-of-concept (“POC”) version of the Playpal platform is being upgraded to the MVP with a number of upgrades currently underway and further additions in the pipeline. The new and improved MVP version will be tested in our pilot program rather than the POC. Here’s an overview of the current upgrades:

  • Playpal has revamped the UI/UX of its MVP platform to upgrade the gamified experience of the user. This revamp includes added interactive elements, animations, user guides and several other functionalities. Development of the new design shall be set in motion this month.
  • The functionality of the algorithm is being scaled up to facilitate further flexibility in data aggregation and analysis. A plethora of new attributes are being embedded in our platform, such as digital measurement of the user’s energy balance, calorie intake, EEG data, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Blood Pressure, ECG and much more.
  • We’ve also enhanced previous attributes to analytical and predictive capabilities of the platform, allowing it to best assess the health of each individual dynamically.
  • The gamified incentivisation of the platform, that provides added motivation to users for better health, is being upgraded to account for the additional attributes and their role in an individual’s health management.


Playpal is exploring white-labeling opportunities with startups in light of our efforts to tap into the Chinese markets. To materialize this effort, Playpal is in conversations with BrainBait, DiaMonTech, and Heartin, and is currently in its testing phase with its newest white-label partner, HiWatch.


Playpal extends the warmest of welcomes to Brad Bayless, Luka Powanga and Mike Hagerty to its Board of Advisors!

Brad Bayless
Financial Advisor

With over 37 years of experience, Brad Bayless is the founder of Falcon Financial and has previously served as VP Marketing at GE Capital. His broad expertise spans mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, private equity, investments and venture capital.

Luka Powanga
Financial Advisor

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Luka Powanga is a professor of Economics and Finance at Regis University and is a founding member of the Angel Capital Group. His broad expertise spans international trade, economic development, mineral processing and entrepreneurship.

Mike Hagerty
Marketing Advisor

With over 40 years of experience, Mike Hagerty has served as Chief Marketing Officer of Western Union and Avon. His broad expertise spans marketing, competitive analysis, business development and market analysis.