PlayPal Inc. partners with the HICO Foundation
PlayPal Inc. has partnered with Healbe & Jolly Days

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Eesha Sheikh, Playpal Inc. CEO, awarded the
“Top 50 Tech Visionaries” at InterCon, Las Vegas 2019

Playpal Inc. has partnered up with The HICO Foundation

After 4 years of in-depth R&D, Playpal has moved one step forward to create a health based credit system that bases its calculation on its Health Capital Model. Playpal is working in collaboration with The HICO Foundation to assign each user a score called the ‘HICO Score’ based on how responsible they are with their health. Read More

Let’s explore The HICO Foundation & HICO Score

The HICO Foundation

HICO Foundation intends to make the world a better place by combining the knowledge of science and engineering. Actions taken by individuals to improve their health are irrevocably recorded on a blockchain as a quantifiable value: “the HICO Score”, i.e. Playpal Inc's proprietary model. This score is encompassed within Playpal’s Health Capital Model. The HICO Foundation adds value to this score by embodying the monetary dimension of the Health Capital Model by issuing PlayCoins to users via Playpal as a reward for healthy actions taken. Read More

HICO (Health Indicators & Capital Outlook) Score

HICO Score has drawn its inspiration from FICO rating score to develop a similar measuring score for health. Just as the financial credit rating FICO incentivizes individuals towards financial responsibility and provides a convenient mechanism for the industry to determine the credit worthiness of the individual, ‘HICO’ will incentivize individuals to invest time, effort and finances into improving their health capital and will be used to determine the health capital of the individual by the industry Read More

How Playpal Fits in - The Bigger Picture!

Playpal Inc. has been working to create a platform that unifies the global health IoT devices, apps and stakeholders under one banner. For the past 4 years, Playpal has reinvented the perception of health by helping individuals build their health capital. Following this vision, Playpal awards PlayCoin and a HICO Score to the individual based on the efforts they make to improve their health. Scores will be personalized by incorporating the individual’s real time and historical data, including their health capital and other data corresponding to the various quantitative analysis parameters utilized by Playpal, while keeping in line with ethical considerations and international data privacy guidelines including GDPR and HIPAA compliance. Read More

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