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Beginning of a Revolution

Almost 4 years ago, our team collaborated with John Hopkins University and Aetna on a groundbreaking research study called “Innovation for Humanity”, which focused on gamified health and obesity. The results of this study formed the inspiration behind our Keeko Game, and the positive user-response during its Pilot encouraged us to work towards impacting people’s health on a larger scale. And so, Playpal was born.

We Have Friends Everywhere!

Playpal has strong bonds with leading and emerging health tech companies all over from US to India and China to Switzerland. We are growing together with our partners all over the globe to bring about the next health-tech revolution. Playpal is a global citizen and we always maintain a balance between our own growth and the social and ecological impact of our activities.

How we role and evolve

Our company clock ticks as efficiently as the World clock times! Paypal’s origins include strong collaboration with Aetna, John Hopkins, United Way, and IP from 2014 to 2019. Playpal spread from US to China and aims continues the journey across the entire globe.

We Have Had A Busy Year!

2019 has kept us super busy. With so many new partners, integrations and recognitions across the globe, we are wrapping this year with great success and are moving forward with renewed motivation and bigger goals for 2020! Find key highlights of the year

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