Global Trends

2018 was a tremendous year for healthtech, with companies in the ecosystem securing over $7.5bn in global investment throughout the year. With AI becoming more sophisticated, 2019 promises to be a great year for healthtech. For example, GE Healthcare partnered with Roche Diagnostics to create data-driven software that combines patients’ in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics. The goal of this project is to allow clinicians to access a comprehensive portfolio of patient information to make earlier, faster diagnoses and develop individualized treatment. The AI embedded into the software has the potential to provide insights from multiple datasets (something that physicians wouldn’t be able to do by themselves)!

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Research Highlights

After several years of R&D, Playpal has developed an all encompassing health platform. Playpal has filed its second provisional patent under the title: “A System for Improving Health Capital Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Method and Apparatus.”

What is it about?

Using machine learning and AI, this invention empowers and incentivizes the individual for goal-setting and long-term lifestyle adjustments by using and providing authentic health knowledge through recommendations for better nutrition, and knowledge of genomics and pharmaceuticals. It does so by processing copious amounts of information that is readily available, however very difficult to process due to its sheer volume. Even medical professionals, let alone an individual not trained in a health profession, will face significant effort coming up with useful diagnosis and recommendations for one’s specific circumstances without the help of automated analysis and machine learning. An embodiment of this innovation puts this vast amount of human health knowledge at the fingertips of the individual in a user-friendly manner, while suggesting and assisting them in setting goals and developing plans for improving their health capital using artificial intelligence.

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A Snapshot of Playpal
Playpal’s AI Engine targets the following:

Playpal's AI engine provides tailored health recommendations according to user's behaviour and context after gathering data from knowledgebases and social interactions. Time based goals will allow users to achieve system defined milestones after processing through AI. After correlating data, Personalized Health Capital of each individual is defined based on individual's eating habits and other factors. Unique featured products are based on his/her past purchases and current health condition.

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