The World likes Running with Playpal Games. Catch us in the news!

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Health investment: The smartest investment of them all!

The health sector is essential to maintaining stable and functioning economies. In fact, it is one of the largest employers and has a great impact on the economic performance of overlapping sectors.However, this century faces some alarming health challenges that the world needs to prepare for. Find more in our blog.

What is New World Order? Better Health it is!

Playpal provides holistic analysis and recommendations to people for proactive health management. Playpal has been designed to aid in the prevention of any health issues and self- management of chronic conditions to help improve the quality of life of individuals massively.

Download our Keeko Game and fight the Junk Food Army today!

As one of the top games for learning and health-awareness, our Keeko game gives you the chance to fight unhealthy food temptations for better health! Download Keeko today and just play it, pal!

The World likes Running with Playpal Games. Catch us in the news!

Playpal makes noise in digital media by bringing to life a unique amalgamation of mobile games, rewards, and health analysis with the launch of its health games, Keeko and Bon Bon Jump.

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