Playpal is on its way to make Taipei healthier!


Feel like conquering the world?
Ask IOT about it….

Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things), we are now actually living our lives like the Jetsons. IoT has opened up a whole new dimension of technological innovations that seamlessly integrate the cyber- world with the physical world around us. According to a latest research, the number of IoT devices globally is believed to have reached 10 billion in 2018.

Ever hit a home run? Playpal
saves all 3 bases with a Grand Slam...

Staying healthy doesn’t need to be boring anymore! You can now be more proactive with your health and that too in a fun way like you never imagined before. Seems like a dream? Playpal is now turning this dream into a reality! We have our bases loaded by integrations with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, a smartwatch, an EEG monitor

*Expecto Patronum* Playpal successfully
casts its health charm in Taipei!

Playpal is on its way to make Taipei healthier and cast it’s preventive defense Patronus to help people against dementing health! Playpal made a stunning appearance at the investment exchange meeting held by the International Consensus Association in Taipei this April. Read more about our accomplishments in the conference.

Who thought that learning could be so
much fun?

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