HICO (Health Indicators & Capital Outlook) Score

HICO Score has drawn its inspiration from FICO rating score to develop a similar measuring score for health. Just as the financial credit rating FICO incentivizes individuals towards financial responsibility and provides a convenient mechanism for the industry to determine the credit worthiness of the individual, ‘HICO’ will incentivize individuals to invest time, effort and finances into improving their health capital and will be used to determine the health capital of the individual by the industry
Playpal has refined and consolidated the output of this research in a Patent filed just this month. Patent Title: “A System for Calculating Health Capital Score”. HICO Score calculates the absolute and relative measures of an individual’s health that can be used to incentivize the individual to improve their own health capital and can also be used by other stakeholders to reliably monitor the individual’s health.
Read Complete article about Playpal’s HICO Score here: https://bit.ly/2TjAAP5