Let’s explore The HICO Foundation & HICO Score

HICO Foundation intends to make the world a better place by combining the knowledge of science and engineering. Actions taken by individuals to improve their health are irrevocably recorded on a blockchain as a quantifiable value: “the HICO Score”, i.e. Playpal Inc's proprietary model. This score is encompassed within Playpal’s Health Capital Model. The HICO Foundation adds value to this score by embodying the monetary dimension of the Health Capital Model by issuing PlayCoins to users via Playpal as a reward for healthy actions taken.
The user, hence, has provable evidence of his/her health efforts in the form of a quantifiable asset. Various stakeholders, i.e. entities like employers, insurance companies, governments, parents or other parties with emotional or financial interest in the betterment of an individual’s health can create incentives to reward the individual based on this evidence.