How Playpal Fits in - The Bigger Picture!

Playpal Inc. has been working to create a platform that unifies the global health IoT devices, apps and stakeholders under one banner. For the past 4 years, Playpal has reinvented the perception of health by helping individuals build their health capital. Following this vision, Playpal awards PlayCoin and a HICO Score to the individual based on the efforts they make to improve their health.
Scores will be personalized by incorporating the individual’s real time and historical data, including their health capital and other data corresponding to the various quantitative analysis parameters utilized by Playpal, while keeping in line with ethical considerations and international data privacy guidelines including GDPR and HIPAA compliance.
The calculation will be made fair and reliable by consolidating data from all the individuals and using it collectively to modify the algorithm parameters via AI and ML, scaled to a relative grading system. This score is intended to be indiscriminate among people based on their past lifestyle, diseases, or genetic susceptibilities. These factors into account to remove bias from the relative grading system.
E.g. a healthy person striving to maintain and improve their health may have the same HICO score as a diabetic trying to manage their blood sugar responsibly or a smoker making about as much of a conscious effort to battle their addiction or an obese person putting as much effort into losing weight in a healthy manner, given the respective constraints that each of these individuals have.