Eesha Sheikh

CEO and Founder

Izza Naveed

Strategic Partnerships & Operations

Hasnat Malik

Technical Consultant

Sana Tayyab

Creative Director


Brad Bayless

Financial Advisor

Former Director of Global Talent Development at Western Union

Samir Yajnik

Financial Advisor

Senior Vice President at Encore Capital Management

Dr. Luka Powanga

Financial Advisor

Professor of Economics and Finance at Regis University

Umer Farouq

Financial Advisor

Consultant for Finance Companies

Business Development

Jameel Barkat

Aquisitions Advisor

Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President at Innovation Pavilion

Mark Pomeroy

Innovation Advisor

Former Vice President R&D at Johnson & Johnson

Mike Hagerty

Marketing Advisor

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Western Union

Tami Young

Business Development Advisor

CEO at AdvenTech

Shehryar Akhtar

Business Development Advisor

CEO at Cloutel & Collective Curiosity

Jake Cummins

Business Development Advisor

CEO & Founder at Cloudnexion

Elizabeth Vanneste

Business Development Advisor

Salesmother at Mother Kombucha

Don White

Business Development Advisor

Former Senior Vice President at JDEdwards

Sanjay Sachdeva

Business Development Advisor

Founder & CEO of Daivam Wellness

Ravi Malhotra

Business Development Advisor

Founder and President at ICAST

Haider Nawaz

Business Development Advisor

Managing Director at Red Dot Shipping

Anshuman Singh

Business Development Advisor

Founder at ReTiSense


Dr. Basit Hussain

Development Lead

Chief Technical Officer at Cloutel

Dr. Saeed Rajput

Scientific Research Lead

Chief Science Officer at Cloutel

Dr. Romana Ramzan

Gamification Advisor

Lecturer in Game Design at Glasgow Caledonian University

Kumud Kalia

Blockchain Advisor

Former Chief Information Officer at Akamai Technologies

Dr. Fakhar Lodhi

Compliance & Security Advisor

CEO at AxsKey

Dr. Muhammad Kamran Lodhi

Technical Advisor

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at FAST-NUCES

Dr. Altaf Khan

Artificial Intelligence Advisor



Can Sun Ph.D.

Legal Advisor

Associate at Fenwich & West

Roger Royse

Legal Advisor

Founder at Royse Law Firm

Yev Muchnik

Legal Advisor

Managing Member at Launch Legal


Vic Ahmed

Lead Strategy Advisor

Founder at Innovation Pavilion

Jason Hung

Strategy Advisor

Co-founder at International Consensus Association

Kathryn Zhao

Investment Strategy Advisor

Founder at International Consensus Association

Ron Gupta

Talent Strategy Advisor

Managing Principal at Performance Leverage

Stephen Pearse

Strategy Advisor

Former Executive Vice President at Bay Networks


Priyamvada Dua


Psychoneuroimmunology Consultant at Daivam Wellness

Manjari Chandra


Functional Nutritionist Daivam Wellness

Alok Chopra


Cardiologist & Director at Daivam Wellness